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Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles
2021-01-11 17:06:49

Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles are usually used on windows and doors for luxurious houses or houses in regions with extreme temperature. Windows and doors made of thermal break aluminum profiles do look the same with normal aluminum windows and doors. The difference is the rubber (or resin) strip between aluminum profiles that composing the window (or door). Due to the metallic hardness and conductivity, aluminum profiles are easy to convey vibration and heat. Also, the tiny gaps between aluminum profiles weaken the airtightness of the windows and doors. The insertion of rubber (resin) strips between aluminum profiles effectively enhances the windows and doors' resistance to sound, humidity and dust, without any negative influence on their cosmetical appearance. The thermal break windows and doors can reduce about 30% of the heat/coldness exchange and they therefore help improve the efficiency of air conditioners and save energy.

The only problem thereby incurred is the increased cost of the aluminum windows and doors. Therefore, thermal break aluminum profiles are mostly used on luxurious houses or the houses in the regions with extreme heat or coldness.

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