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Aluminum Casement and Sliding Windows/Doors
2021-01-12 16:35:59

According to the opening/closing means, aluminum windows and doors can be classified as casement, sliding, folding and tilting, while casement and sliding windows/doors are the most commonly used.

Aluminum casement windows/doors can be swung outward or inward with fix hinges. When the window/door being open, its full weight will be borne by the hinges on only one side. Therefore, the width of the window/door is limited by the quality and design of the hinges. Normally the width of a single window/door casement will not exceed 1.3m. If two or more casements are needed, more jambs shall be applied and the whole window/door will be separated into several frames. Also, when the window/door is opened, the casement will occupy certain space inside or outside. On the other hand, when the casement window/door is shut, with the application of the handle lock, the whole window/door becomes solid in structure with the support from all around. Therefore, casement windows/doors perform better than sliding windows/doors in terms of air-tightness, sound-proof and resistance to strong wind. Due to more parts applied (such as hinges and jamb), casement windows/doors are more expensive than sliding windows/doors.

The weight of sliding windows/doors can be spread evenly on the rails above or beneath, in the natural gravity direction. Therefore, the window/door hole can be filled up with less frames. However, due to the gaps between the window/door casements and the rails, sliding windows/doors allow more dust, noise and humidity to come into the house than casement windows/doors do.

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