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Must top-brand manufacturers be better than medium/small-size factories in the industry of aluminum profiles?
2020-11-17 10:27:03

With the maturing industry of aluminum profiles, must top brands still be better than medium/small-size players? The answer is ‘it depends’.


Top brands are undeniably equipped with the best equipment and specialists, as well as complete production facilities, of the industry. If you are looking something with extraordinary sizes and complexity. Yes, the top brands will sure win. However, if you only need normal constructional or industrial aluminum profiles, medium/small-size factories are fully capable of meeting your demand with lower prices and quicker response.

In consideration of the sunk-cost involved, top brands have to charge obviously higher prices for the same products than medium/small-size factories do. Moreover, the top brands are often overwhelmed by orders from all around the world. They therefore have to outsource some of the orders to medium/small-size factories. They also have to prolong the turnaround time of the production for new clients, particularly those with limited order quantities.

Medium/small-size factories, on the contrary, are more flexible and efficient. Their prices are normally much better than the top brands’. How about the quality? In China, all properly registered manufacturers in the industry must comply with Chinese GB (the national product/production standards). In such case, as long as a product is made, its quality is basically the same according to such standards, no matter it is made by top brands or medium/small-size factories.


Now, do you still feel it difficult to choose between top brands or medium/small-size suppliers?

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