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Market Update: Aluminum Alloy Market
2021-11-11 16:21:37

The aluminum alloy market has performed a 'roller-coaster' show in the past 2.5 months. The market price has plunged from the top in mid-Oct, down by about 20%. Yet, with the year-end production peak is coming, aluminum price is expected to rise again..


In the past two months, Chinese government imposed strict orders to press down soaring prices of energy products, such as coal and oil, and increased the electricity prices to encourage power plants to produce more. Many factories have recovered normal production, which was haunted by the shortage of power in Aug and Sep.

On the other hand, internation marine shipment seems to alleviate a bit since large shipping companies volunteered to control the shipping cost and increased the input of new liners.

All these may encourage another round of overseas demand for Chinese goods, including the aluminum extrusion products.



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