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Aluminum windows and aluminum window systems
2021-05-14 14:34:59

Fundamentally aluminum windows and aluminum window systems are the same, -- they are both windows, at least from the appearance! Aluminum window systems are a much advanced form of aluminum windows, boasting stronger functions and involving more delicate fabrication work.

Basically, a piece of glass and four square tubes can form a simply window but a window system is much more complex.

Aluminum window systems are often customized according to the buildings' design and environment. The color, shape and final form of the windows shall be harmonized with the whole building's design. Also the structure of the windows need to be well constructed to deal with the noise, dust, wind, rain and other environmental factors, ensuring the safety and comfort of the building. On the other hand, the system has to well balance the economy and weight, as well as the convenience for subsequent installation.

Besides, the accessories to be adopted also play an important role in a good window system. They bond all the window profiles together with sound solidity and give good convenience for both the installer and end-users. Except handles and hinges, most of the window accessories are not seen from outside and it takes years to tell the difference whether they work well or not.

Finally, the window systems require precise cutting and drilling on the profiles, where normally lathe and milling machines are needed. For the simple windows, these works may be only carried out by manual saw and hand-drill. Therefore, when put together, the window systems work more smoothly and stay more durable than simple windows.

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